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For years we have been working hard with our commitment. So we succeed in giving our products that taste that no other product will ever have it. This is our vocation, This is Agricons. Artichokes have always been the production Chief of Agricons. This characteristic vocation draws its own Originate precisely in the geographical region where the cultivation of the Artichoke takes on the value of a true culture: Puglia. Following this vocation, over time, the specialties of Vegetables such as appetizing Bocconcini or tasty and harmonious Dried tomatoes until the production of delicious porcini mushrooms. Today, Agricons offers its customers with a range of Almost unique
artichoke for assortment and quality. In fact, everyone Strictly produced in the Mesagne plant (Brindisi), i Artichokes have a common denominator: the highest quality. The careful selection of the raw material that requires the use Exclusive of Apulian millefoglie variety, immediate and complete Processing within 24 hours of collection. These procedures Allow to obtain a artichoke that, after centrifugation, It is white, devoid of hard and fibrous leaves, dry, fragrant, Tender and ready to be processed and preserved in various ways. The preparation and the processing of each product, represent the The result of a happy union between industrial processes and wisdom Craftsmanship.


The mission has always been to meet the needs of the customer by offering genuine, high quality products with recipes that respect Italian tradition. From a small company of just 15 employees, the company develops up to an area of about 6,000 square meters with 150 specialist workers. The development concerns not only the technological aspect of the plant, but also and above all the continuous improvement of the products to ensure their competitive advantage.


Agri Conserve srl
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